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Revolver hades and the Spike Shot
Anyone who's used Revolver Hades can tell you it has one odd quirk: the trigger just barely goes far enough to force a b-dama through the hold parts. I found out if you load a spike shot through the magazine, sometimes something rather odd can happen

[Image: r000kZg.jpg]

The trigger doesn't push far enough to overcome the friction of the spike strip aligned improperly, causing it to get stuck like this. The only way to unjam this mess is load another shot and do a really weak double shot, or remove it manually.
Thanks for warning about it. I was supposed to get a Revolver Hades in the future.
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I haven't had this problem with my metal spike shot. The only time it jammed was when I had the chamber on left drive mode. Aside from that, I recommend you preload the Spike Shot in the chamber ahead of time.
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Yeah, I usually load drive-style shots through the break action, but I just wanted to see what would happen.

Also, the metal spike shot wouldn't do that, as the spike strip is metal. This would happen with the Drive shot though. Both the Drive and Spike shot have rubber strips.
Definitely a strange thing, but I guess it's cool as long as it doesn't break anything
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