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SBz11 Review: CB-35 Twin=Drazeros
Recently, I just purchased several B-Daman on Amazon from the past week, one of them that stood out from the others is this awesome Black Pearl of Cross Fight B-Daman, Twin Drazeros, so let's start with a review of the packaging and then we'll move on to the others.


~Package Review~

  The package is a very simple box with the B-Daman in the front and the details on the sides, like most starters in the Cross Fight B-Daman Toyline with the logo as well. On the front, is a picture of Twin=Drazeros firing a double shot, pictures of the Twin Core, and on the right-bottom corner it features his partner in the Anime Series: Basara Kurofuchi. It's product number is Starter CB-35 and it's a Special Type B-Daman. This B-Daman is produced from Takara Tomy, it's from the Core Change System, WBMA, and is a modeling kit (so your going to have to build it, to play it). On the right side, it shows that you can swing the B-Daman to any side (while on the ground) to divide the marbles when fired, making a double shot blasting two red bombs in the Break Bomber Battle Set, which is useful. On the left, it features Drazeros' Wing Grip and marble conserving gimmick on the wings too. And on the back, it shows the double shot, The Head Part, Studs (the core bolts), Arm Parts, Core, and Leg Parts; a custom combo, the arcade tags, and the status of the B-Daman.


Power: 6

Control: 5

Rapid-Fire: 3


~Content Review~

  Inside the box, you have the all the parts on model kit grids. Black: X2, White/Silver: X1, Transparent Purple: X1. It comes with building instructions, a sticker sheet, and two glass blue marbles. The black grids has Drazeros' main body set parts, the white grid has the studs, the tool, the trigger parts & spring, and the hold parts. Finally the Trans. Purple grid has the core's parts. Personally, I like building the B-Daman before playing with them, so it wasn't much of a problem for me (if you bought it, you might as well work for it too).


~Model Review~

  After you're done building the B-Daman, it's now functional to fire marbles (as long as you followed the instructions). This B-Daman is the Black Dragon Type, and is able to fire two marbles with one strong press of the trigger (if you guys didn't already know that). This is the first Dragon Type B-Daman out of the five that has a transparent core, the second one being Smash=Dragold. It's head motif is of a two-headed black dragon the face of the B-Daman in their mouth(s). The Arms are similar to Dracyan's but are different to match the Black dragon's design, along with the arm having marble saving wings on them, which is great. The Twin Core can fire two marbles with an extended trigger and core. The B-Daman (in total) holds 3 marbles inside, so you can fire two marbles and one another time (you can fire one marble if you wish). The Wing Grips allows you to hold the B-Daman more than one way and I find it very useful for the size of my hands. You can remove the marbles off the wings with a strong thin object, like the B-Daman tool, that way if you lose your marbles, you can finish the job with a final double shot. The Leg Parts are like Dracyan's, but has the Black Dragon's motif, and is more thin.


~Final Opinions~

  My opinion is.. this B-Daman is awesome sauce! The spiraling twin shot is really impressive and cool. The only problem I have is that sometimes that marbles are aligned with each other and sometimes they're separate, but that's no big deal. This is one of my favorite B-Daman and that I can't stop playing with it, it's really that cool. Plus, Hasbro hasn't released Twin=Drazeros as Double Drazeros (maybe they will or not), so at this time, this is a way to get him. Like I said, this B-Daman is the Black Pearl of my B-Daman Collection and I'm glad to have this B-Daman in my possession.


I like to hear your opinions of my review and how well I did. Special thanks to the B-Daman Wiki and B-Daman Wiki Forums.

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Very extensisve review. Very informative. As for the double shots, just try turning Drazeros to the side when you fire so the shots separate
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Quote:Very extensisve review. Very informative. As for the double shots, just try turning Drazeros to the side when you fire so the shots separate

Thanks, I really worked hard on it, even thought it's quite the page runner.
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@[member='StaticBladez11']: your welcome the more in-depth a review is the better
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Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.

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