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Sonokong Go-Tiger.
I have just got my new Sonokong "Fire Beadman" Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits Zero-2 SS System #99, Go Tiger in the mail today & I thought I'd share what I think of it.


Assembly: be VERY careful when assembling it as this is a VERY complicated core to assemble, took me almost 10 tries to get it to where the trigger plunger wouldn't jam whilst firing when the core is completely assembled.


The core: this is the Short Stroke Drive Core. Basically it has 2 plastic gears inside this weird shell/casing that also houses the plunger & spring of the core, with the bottom hold part being what helps hold the top hold parts in place, the inside casing of the core houses the internal mechanism of the core in which, 2 gears are placed between the part of the hold parts that are inside the casing & the are of the trigger's plunger that's inside the casing & there is a small drive strip on the bottom hold part for more of a spin. The core works by gripping this one handed grip that are separate & are the back ends of the upper hold parts & push the trigger & it forces the hold parts back whilst the outermost part of the trigger plunger inside of the core pushes the b-dama forward.


The armor: the armor of Go-Tiger is, unique as it is basically different representations of the White Tiger of the West *aka Byakko*. The helmet represents the head, the shoulder armor represents the from paws, & the foot armor represents the back paws, & the sight fin represents the tail *I think*.


The strike shot: the strike shot for Go-Tiger is called the Spike Shot. It's basically like the drive shot except the side ends of it are yellow & the rubber strip in the middle is black & has some "treads" to supposedly give it more power. This strike shot is gonna for long distance target shooting, but, like the Drive Shot, Metal Spike Shot, Black Drive Shot, & Stealth Drive Shot, it's bad for DHB cause of the aligning needed for it to properly work.


Overall I give Go-Tiger an 8.5 out of 10. If you have patience & want a power/control type with a fast & powerful strike shot, this is a good choice, if you don't, then you don't have to buy it. 

[Image: 7.jpg]

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