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Spike=Phoenix Combo?
I'm buying Spike=Phoenix, And I was wondering which Tune-Up/Version Up parts I should use. I will not use the spike core cos' I do not want the rubber strip to wear off. Any suggestions?  Tongue
It's not really a "Spike=Phoenix Combo" if you're not using the Spike Core Kyzous, lol.
Well you do have a point.  Tongue Anyways, by Spike=Phoenix Combo, I Mean like, is it a better rapid fire type than power type? Or something like which other core and tune up parts do you reccomend?
Well I would say the System magazine since it doesn't clog. The Canon Arm because it adds a lot of power with the emblems (It increases Drive=Garuburn a lot, who knows how powerful it will be with Spike=Phoenix). I would also say the Sonic or Assault Core obtainable from Sonic=Dravise and Assault=Dragren because the Sonic Core as amazing rapid fire since the ball-bearings on the side of the core makes it easier for marbles to fly through. And the Assault Core because it has a lot of control and accuracy, not only that, but it also has decent power. But this is my opinion ;D
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