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Super Smash Bros., What character do you want to see and why?
Since the new Smash Bros. game is going to come out soon, them being Super Smash Bros.U and Super Smash Bros.3DS, I believe they're still adding more characters, and I wonder what they'll be.

If you don't know what Super Smash Bros. is, SSB is a fighting game in which multiple characters from different gaming companies and franchises are pulled into one game to fight against eachother. The main characters are Mario from the Super Mario Bros. Series, Kirby from the Kirby Series, Link from the Legend of Zelda Series, and Pikachu from the PokÃÂmon Series.

The 4 legends of gaming have been confirmed in the game, them being Mario, Sonic, Megaman, and Pacman. So which character do you think should be in this game or the one in the future and why? Talk about their Moveset and how they would appear in battle. It doesn't have to be long like mine, hey you can even just say the name of the character, but make sure it has some detail.


Official Site: http://www.smashbros.com/


Who I think should be confirmed is Shadow The Hedgehog, but that's probably already been said. SO, I think who else should be confirmed is Neku Sakuraba from the game, The World Ends With You made by Square Enix. The World Ends With You, or TWEWY, is a great yet ignored Teen Rated DS game of 2007. I personally think that the game is awesome, especially it's story. I'm going to go in detail of what moveset I think he'll have if he was in the Smash Bros. game.


So there, so tell me who you think should be in the this or the next smash bros. and why. Like I said, it doesn't have to be long as mine ^_^!

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Zero from the MMZ series.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
I would want to see Harry from the Virtual Boy boxing game, Teleroboxer, show up in SSB for some mechanical mayhem! 


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