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Talk about anything
I have seen forums that adopted the same model of thread and usual it works out.


Basically you can post all you want, from your opinion, how your day went, a music that you're listening to, basically this is a post for all that is off-topic or "spam", so post count shouldn't count and such.


If this is a bad idea just tell me and close this. It's just a nice way to keep a forum going without sticking to a specific theme.

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Spam is against the rules and unless you edit your post, this topic will get closed.
Therefor I used the word "spam". It's just a thread to hang around and have some fun. Of course spam is against forum rules, it is in all of forums that exist. That's why exceptions exist in every forums in order to make people more active. So do as you wish, just trying to help here.

Also, I noticed there's no forum games section which I find odd since most of forums have.
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You forget that not all forums operate in the same way and you can't just assume exceptions to breaking rules will also be tolerated here, for example. And in this case, promoting spam is not helping anyone except encouraging people to go against the Community Rules - which is more harmful than helpful.

As you chose not to edit your post, this topic is now closed.

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