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Thinking about hosting a tournament
After I got back from my tournament, I have felt bad that I couldn't see the wiki forums members there. I want to host my own tournament but with members scattered just about everywhere and maybe most without transportation it would be hard for them. I live in a really small town near Pittsburgh where you don't see to many B-Shots. I really want to host one so you guys can get some action because I know you and your B-Daman are craving the action. If anyone would like to discuss this personally just PM me.

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The only person that plays with me is my little cousin and acashionally my brother *sigh*
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@[member='tommycote'] same here, teh only time i get to play b-daman are my cousins who are still interested in playing b-daman even though some of them are as crazy as ever while playing but i really don't mind though.



On topic, hosting atourny would be a nice thing heck I never experienced in playing a b-daman tourny but sadly i guess if there are tournaments here then there would be an age restriction for one thing and the fact that there are only few others who are interested in b-daman in the first place.


Heck during my high school days i would have like hosted a mini tournament like competition between my firends but sadly my work on the table go somewhat errm "broken" cause of careless storage and such.


I guess the only problem is that all of us are separated mostly from country to country....


Seriously, right now my dream of making a b-daman is for it to shoot in mid-air like a airsoft gun and place targets on the wall and such just like the ones u see in carnivals. But then again reality is making me backing down due to some concerns...



but then again, gl if you manage to find some people who want to play and maybe your idea on hosting a tournament doesnt need to be that big maybe at elast small for now and build up its reputation? or w/e u wanna call it....ah rating! just to idk maybe start things nicely?

Failure leads to Innovation as perfection leads to no innovation. That's how I manage to keep my sane under control while building homemade b-damans Tongue
Yeah, the population density issue is something that I've discussed previously. It's definitely a killer issue preventing us from any form of tournaments within the community, and something that can only be resolved if the userbase in the Forum increased. A bit sad, but that was to be expected when I started this Forum two years ago. Just, I'd hoped we'd take off a bit more, which we didn't xD 


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