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Thunder Dracyan review
I thought this was really cool that we can give our reviews on B-daman so I said why not I will be making a video review on youtube sometime tomorrow.

When you open Dracyan he will be pre assembled with the stickers already applied.

1.How it looks compared w/ Accel Dracyan: Compared to the takara tomy version thunder dracyan has some noticeable differences, for one the stickers on the hasbro version are not the same and they are not show compatible, instead we have a golden color for the stickers on the head and feet and some stickers are missing Ex.half of the shoulder armor, and arms. Another noticeable difference is that the hasbro version doesn't have the chrome accel core and the trigger is longer on thunder dracyan. Unlike takara tomys version the power brick is screwed on to the back of thunder dracyan now it could be both good and bad. GoodTongueower brick won't fall off and break. Bad:No way as far as I know to attach stabalizer attachments. Overall There is not to much to it except that thunder dracyan is smaller than accel dracyan and the bolts have changed to a new shape so if you lose your tool you can use any philips head screwdriver, also thunder dracyan does come with to plastic marbles that have a bit of metal on the inside.

2.Performance:Thunder dracyan is not as powerful as Accel dracyan  but the hasbro version does still have the drive strip in the core so it does put a forward spin rotation on the B-daball

Please tell me how I did and if I missed anything I've never reviewed anything before sooo..yeah  Tongue
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I was just saying he did a good job[quote name="MasterRPGMan" post="1792" timestamp="1376404518"]
Don't post one word posts.
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I was just saying he did a good job

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Late but ... great review

- J
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