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UK B-Ders! BARGAIN B-Daman!
Poundworld are selling Crossfire B-Daman for £1 each!!! I found about four different B-Daman, but different stores may have different ones. And before you ask, no I am not being paid for this Big Grin. I bought two today, Lightning Scorpio and Lightning Draycan. I'm sure you will all have the B-Daman you want anyway, but it never hurts to have a spare! I hope this infomaation was helpful, and I realise that I have been off this site for more than two years! Wow it grew, last time I was here there was only 28 users! Ha ha, I should have stuck around... :lol:

... Why is this here?
Avatar thanks to http://fenrir.finalfantasyq.com/digimon/dm/index.html
Are they legitimate versions though? Or rip-off replicas?
Quote:Are they legitimate versions though? Or rip-off replicas?

They're definitely real, I have actually found them in both Poundland and Poundworld as they were sold ages ago.
Interesting. I haven't seen any in my local Poundland at all (despite my daily visits for lunches and whatnot). I'm guessing you two are in larger cities as opposed to my seaside town?

I posted this on the B-Daman Hasbro Crossfire thread.

Anyway, yes these are real but the packages from where I live are usually opened or taped back together. I bought all there is available but I hate that Strike Avians head always has a loose mold, the hold parts are always shaved or worn when I find them.

The Works and Home Bargains have the sets like Vertigo Spin and Surge Strike, they also have the starters with add ons like Dragren albeit they are more pricy but the starters are £1 in Home Bargains.

Now we gotta wait for Fireblast.

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