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Ultimate Phoenix (Super B-Daman)

This B-Daman is a commemorative model released during the 20th Century Toy Museum Exhibition in Japan which took place back in 1998. Other than that, I have no ideas with what took place and what was exhibited within the event.

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Mechanics: 9/10
Since this B-Daman is from the Super series, this is equipped with the PI System which stands for Plug In.

Plug In system B-Daman consists of a Head Part, Arm Parts and Leg Parts that are different from the subsequent systems.

In the case of the Ultimate Phoenix, it features a Metal Shoulder Wings and Adjuster Cannon Suspension making this B-Daman is very unfriendly to those who are not familiar with the whole idea of the springs in the arms considering that most B-Daman are straightforward: Load Marble(s) and Fire the Trigger.

Regarding this B-Daman, you have to hold on to both sides of the wings and push the trigger with greater force than any other B-Daman you have handled. The shot from this B-Daman is exceptionally powerful and not to mention, dangerous.

Packaging: 10/10
This B-Daman is packaged in a colorless box and nestled in a blister which stands on top of a decorative stage base. Since the package is clear and the B-Daman is fully-assembled, you have all the pleasure to leave it in its packaging. A simple but effective solution for even the hardest-to-please connosieurs.

Detail: 9/10
In this version, the color is clear Black instead of totally colorless and the Die-Cast Metal parts are painted with gold.

I cannot give the details a perfect ten because compared to the Colorless and Silver version and the regular Battle Phoenix model; there is absolutely no differences in the stickers or decals in this model. It's totally generic.

Accessories: 9/10
The "PI" accessories are already attached to the B-Daman itself and cannot easily be removed.
Also, the feet has rubber seals on them to prevent the shiny metal feet from sliding off in even the glossiest battlefields.

The only optional accessories this B-Daman comes with is the white ball which I did not bothered taking out of the blister. Considering that this is a limited model, there should have been a special part specifically for this piece. Hence, not a perfect ten for me.

Over-all assessment:
Ultimate Phoenix is a commemorative model with a unique packaging gimmick. It is perfect for any collector's comfort zone even if everything else might be from the Cross Fight series.
Furthermore, if Spike Phoenix (red or white) is the Holy Grail of the current generation, this B-Daman would nonetheless be the Unholy Grail of the 90s Era since its a variant of the mostly preferred colorless "Holy Grail" version.
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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
well i actually have his brother and i never ever regret to buy it...
Insane power
Nice details
Good packaging
Excelent durabilty because of the metal body...
But one thing I regret....
The red paint on the spring tens to peel off when used... (well you know how old these things are)
That makes it definitely unplayable and for collection purpose only...
But if you really want to try some shots with these thing they are absolutely ABSOLUTELY strong...
Thanks for your insights.

I'm not going to go trigger happy with this Unholy B-Daman. I'll just use it for Photography purposes like mascots for review and stuff.

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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
If I may give a correction, Ultimate Phoenix is a PI System B-Daman, not PI-EX. Plus, your Ultimate Phoenix that was given out at the 20th Century Toy Museum Exhibition is a re-color. The standard Ultimate Phoenix has silver metal parts, an orange drive strip, plastic parts on the wings, and pad on the trigger, and clear PI Head and PI Arms. Link: http://bdaman.wikia.com/wiki/Ultimate_Phoenix#Gallery
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Yes, as I have said, this is a variant (note the part in which I called it an Unholy Grail).

I am also aware of the existence of the other one.

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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
You still haven't changed the PI-EX to Plug-In System
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Will do that now.
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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.

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