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We're screwed unless we try to get help from the WBO
So, I don't know the beef the WBO has against us. But I feel like we should try to work things out. I got a plan to help promote bdaman and beyblade together as well as increase the publicity of the forums. We should contact Darkmousy or Kaiv or whoever's running the site now and try to negotiate a bdaman X beyblade tournament series in the US and UK. Tampa Florida , Fitchburg Massachusetts and England are staples in the tournament series. No questions asked. If we could get a series going with a decent turnout as well as a representative from the forums to attend, we could slowly build a bond between our sites and fandoms.

Let's face it. Either we remain a small ,scattered group of people who enjoy bdaman OR we can try to become the WBO of Bdaman. We need to host tournaments at anime conventions and at parks. Or we'll remain a barely relevant fandom.

Time to make the choice everyone.
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
When B-Daman Wiki was founded, I'm pretty sure the Founders did not intend this community to be the WBO of B-Daman.


Forgive me for these condescending words, however, I never saw the WBO as an ideal Beyblade community nor as an exemplary community to any series based on any Shounen anime title.


For a community to be considered successful, tell me what matters more - Quality or Quantity? I'm pretty sure we fall under the former if not in terms of sheer numbers and it's better to have a community like this than a cesspool that's poorly-moderated.

Before I forget, remember our conference for the sake of the Future of this Forums?

I'm pretty sure I wrote something like this:


But let me make things clear here before someone goes butthurt ballistic writing "Houka Inumuta hates WBO" in the WBO forums itself. 


I have nothing against the WBO community as a whole. Their intentions are good at best but some of their members end up getting on my nerves. One example is that one member who called me off for bumping older topics of my interest when it's better to do that than to create new topics without substantial reason. 


And with regards to your suggestion to mirror the WBO, would you like to see some members here doing the same as that one WBO member, calling off those who strictly adhere to the rules just because for whatever conceited reason there is? Backseat moderating and stuff. That's the worst that could happen and WBO is excessively plagued by it.
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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
And while I see that the WBO is nothing but elitists , if we want to host our own tournaments , we're going to need some major backbone. Either that or we continue to just throw "hey I'll be at this convention with a bdaman and a game" till the end of time.

I'd love to see an official tournament with our name on it.

As for becoming the WBO of bdaman , I mean we become the backbone of the bdaman community. Like you said "the only reason the beyblade community is still around is because of the WBO"

Who's to say we can't become that?

Rather than trying to keep the idea of one day hosting an official Bdaman wiki forums tournament a dream , let's actually host one. Anyone who's been looking for a beyblade tournament one way or another has ended up on the WBO. I'd rather see us at least try to say " Hey! We're hosting a bdaman/beyblade tournament. All are welcome! Here's the location and information! " rather than the usual proposal. But that's just me.
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
It's not quite as simple as you may think. I fully understand your sentiments towards this, but there are a number of factors that mean we can't just jump at this.


I'll start off by clarifying this as I do get asked it a lot; There is no bad blood between B-Daman Wiki/Beyblade Wiki and the WBO anymore. I get along with Kai-V perfectly fine myself and, while there has been issues between the three before, as far as I'm concerned, those have all been resolved now.


I won't deny, initially we wanted to follow in the WBO's footsteps (tournaments, giveaways etc) but we have never wanted to be the WBO, and nobody should really want to be. The CFBA (that other B-Daman Forum which is now dead) used to go around messaging WBO members to make them sign up over there, which myself and Kai-V didn't approve of. If a user is going to join from there, I'd have rather it been on their own accord and because they love B-Daman, not because Ultramarine or Tri asked them to.


To me, asking the WBO for help is the same thing as basically becoming them. What do we achieve from becoming them and asking for help? Are we really that bad that we can't do this ourselves? That we can't maintain a community without external help? If we were ever going to achieve half of our aspirations, it had to be because we could all do it ourselves and prove that we didn't need to be someone else.


Right now, even if we went against that and went to the WBO for help, you have the simple problem of the B-Daman fanbase. How many B-Daman fans are there, and how many do you actually believe are there on the WBO? The B-Daman thread there has been dead for a long time now, and we have minimal active users here now anyway. The sole five active members here aren't enough, and I doubt you're gonna find the number you're thinking of on the WBO either.


And even past that point, even if we had the community for it, is the userbase density there for a tournament? I'm sure you know full well that a tournament would likely need at least eight members, and you're not gonna get that unless you have eight participants minimum. A tournament would get hosted somewhere, but you'd need for those members to be able to easily access the tournament, so they'd need to be locals. You can easily see from our own member map that most of us are scattered across a distance, and it'd likely still be the same with WBO participants. The chances of getting eight B-Daman fans that live in the same area? The chances are unrealistic there.


Then you move onto the issue of the organisation and how it would even work. What would it be? A WBO tournament or a B-Daman Wiki tournament? And then what about each of our stances on finances? What do the WBO benefit from helping us? There's just too many questions.


To basically sum everything up;
  • Even with help, we'd likely still lack the participants for a tournament.
  • Even with help and a sufficient number of participants, we'd likely lack the population density for a tournament.
  • We don't want to become the WBO. We initially wanted to follow in their footsteps but that was two years ago when we first started this Forum.
  • How would the WBO even benefit from helping?
  • Why are we that incapable of actually helping ourselves and failing to maintain a community? (A question I always ask myself if I'm honest)
It's a lot to consider, and I don't think the WBO path is the way to go. If we're to appeal to B-Daman fans, which I know they do exist out there floating in some void of the internet without a discussion Forum, we have to do something to haul them in. Whether we affiliate with B-DaTubers, put out more content (podcasts, official videos etc), add a feature to the Wiki/Forum that every fan would want; there's gonna be something that we can do ourselves. A WBO tournament is just not the way to go unfortunately.


I do fully understand what you're getting at, and I know most of us would love to see a tournament or just something come from this Forum in general, but it's really something that we've gotta be grasping and doing ourselves. If we can get the userbase and population density, we can get tournaments going but, until then, we really just need to be focusing on recruitment.


I believe I had been here quite long enough to say that I've seen the best and worst of B-Daman Wiki in terms of giving my honest side to a certain matter. When it comes to discussions like this, I have learned to prepare myself for the worst possible reply in terms of butthurt level. But one thing I can never recover from is how painful for me to say the things that I have said in the first place.

Tell me this, had we come to the level in which we could all say "(This place is) enough for pride but not enough to survive?"

As for me, I take great pride in being a member of this community which I joined in my own free will even if it bit me several times. I, never, for once, imagined this place being like the WBO...or more appropriately, the WBO that I have experienced first hand.

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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
Just my two cents in reference to Mana's comments about population density - that's definitely the most important thing holding us back at the moment. Even if the total number of active users were to triple overnight, if they're all scattered across the globe with no reliable form of transportation it puts a real damper into any possible tournament plans.

i hate to be That Guy who always complains about Hasbro

but this is honestly a problem that won't easily be solved until actual B-Daman products are far more accessible worldwide. When you have to start importing, even if prices are very good, just to participate in something, that sets a barrier of entry that not many are willing to overcome. That leaves only the most dedicated, which leaves us in situations like the one now. When you have to buy something online, it doesn't really make much of a difference where you live anyway, so finding someone locally who also enjoys it is a crapshoot.


Even if we were to host an event at a popular con, unless whoever hosts it is lucky enough to have enough people who already are into B-Daman show up, being able to hook in curious bystanders would be incredibly important. Unless you're gonna pay out of pocket to have a bunch of spare loaner B-Daman (or have a stall selling them, which would also would require a significant investment), the difference between just grabbing a B-Daman there or at a nearby store and having to order one online and wait makes a world of difference.


When someone sees a Beyblade tournament, if they're curious and ask questions, there's a good chance that they're within a few miles of somewhere to buy their own Beyblade, come back, and participate. Especially with multi-day cons (and hosting multiple tournaments) there's always that chance of the guy who showed up yesterday having bought his own Beyblade and entering. B-Daman doesn't have this luxury - even if someone interested DID buy their own online, by the time they received it of course the convention, and thus their chance of entering the tournament, is over. From their perspective, the uncertainty of whether or not there will be another chance to enter a tournament may turn them off from the idea entirely.


So you could probably see why simply asking the WBO for help probably wouldn't even be enough to do much with. This isn't really a situation that can be dealt with until obtaining B-Daman worldwide is much easier, and who knows when that'll happen? Of course, this is stated from the perspective of an American, so for different countries (or hell, for that matter, different states potentially) the situation may be different, but for me it's literally easier to buy something as niche as a Figuarts or import anime DVDs than a B-Daman. When the anime was being aired on Vortexx and the toys were still being sold on American shelves was the closest we got (and in fact how I myself got here) but even then with how things went it still wasn't that great.


Personally, if this issue were to somehow be resolved, I don't really see much harm in getting a signal boost from the WBO at the most. They have an audience that is potentially receptive to B-Daman if it's presented in the right way, and even if a few bad apples do cross over dealing with them shouldn't be that difficult. Obviously bothering people there to join here is no good, but if they see something that piques their interest enough to dip a toe in, that could be enough for them to jump fully in. As I see it, there's no real issue with targeting people outside of the spectrum of current B-Daman fans - the deal maker/breaker is how it's handled.


Apologies if this is too off-topic or if I kind of went off on a tangent there and failed to make my intended points, but this is just how I see things. Also keep in mind that this is all from the perspective of someone who hasn't logged in to WBO since they were still just Beywiki Forums, so I don't really know the situation over there much outside of the few times per year I lurk a few threads, heh.

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I actually go to the WBO and it's not as full of elitists as you think, I don't even think there are any, no one is really a sore loser nor brag or anything.
Quote:I actually go to the WBO and it's not as full of elitists as you think, I don't even think there are any, no one is really a sore loser nor brag or anything.

Take mine and Ryukou's word For it. THERE'S A LOT.
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
There are some, but I wouldn't say there's an overwhelming amount.

But regardless, can we drop the elitist talk please? I don't see it relevant to the topic, and I'd rather not start another feud if anyone saw.
Especially because I'm also part of the WBO.

Anywho, even if it's possible they're capable of helping us, how would you know if they would want to help us anyway?
We would need to contact whoever is in charge currently and give a solid reason.

Not "hey we want to host tournaments so we want to integrate into your community"
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos

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