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What B-Daman Type do you prefer?
What is your favorite B-Daman Type? Which of them do you prefer? Power, Control, Rapid-Fire, Special, or even a combination of either of them. It doesn't have to be one, it could be two if you want. I prefer Control and Power Type B-Daman. Control because you have a steady aim and can snipe targets from far distances and ranges, making your marbles not go to waste. And Power because you can plow through targets with one attack, overwhelming your opponents with your powerful shot, and some of them have gimmicks, like the Drive Shot.



So what B-Daman type do you prefer?
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Since my aim is good enough for me, I usually go for Power Types.
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It doesn't really matter for me, but I perfer balanced types.
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I usually go with rush type b daman but sometimes i go with power + control
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As for me I'm an all around bdaman user. But ill go with control.
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I like power and control types because they are strong and have good accuracy.
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I typically go with power types but I also like rapid fire, as long as I have good aim I don't need control.

I go with either of the three main types for Cross Fight/Crossfire as I've only got experience with those for that series, but for Battle B-Daman ones, I'll go with any as I have more experience with the types from that series *Zero 2 SS ones included*.

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I have a tendancy to gravitate towards Power-types, but I generally strive for b-damsn with something of a "jack-of-all-stats" type of setup. One of my favorite customs is Chrome Raven Cyclone with the Midnight Power Wing and black Dragon Stands.
I love Power/Control for any series.

My usual combo is:

Reflect Wyvern body , .67 rear barrel with the Variable barrel (assault Taurus) attached to it. Grip wise I use a SWS lightning grip.

Add ons: Hybrid Cannon , Tripod , Synchro Server , and Triple launcher.
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I love Power or Control or the hybrid of both, being able to shoot strong and efficient shots is great and gun like.
I enjoy power for its ... Well power, but special types bring in a surprise to gameplay which I love
Dishing out marbles is my game, so I go the rapid-fire route 

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I prefer power when I'm playing around, but seeing as I can get pretty intense while competing, rapid fire is more my style.

It depends on my mood, but I usually like either rapid-fire or control types.

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