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What are the hardest games of any system you have ever played? Elaborate Please!
This thread will be a discussion on the hardest and perhaps the most frustrating games you have played(though not all mine are). Here is my top ten hardest games in a particular order IMO(I did ask for permission from Edboy3):

10. Wizard Of Oz(SNES) - You can fall through platforms and possibly to your death because the games hit detection isn't programmed very well, your attacks are pathetic and you can't attack whilst jumping.

9. Ninja Gaiden(NES) - When you are hit, you are knocked backwards and mostly instantly killed by pits, the jumps can be hard because enemies are usually there to knock you off, the enemies also respawn almost instantly and getting use to the wall climbing mechanic is required, the final level is a long crucial journey and if you fail the final boss even once, you go back to the start of Level 6.

8. Dark Castle(Genesis/CD-I) - The controls are really really bad, you can die in one hit and falling even at the smallest heights can kill you, and if you jump it needs to be specific or you just stop and die, attacking is badly translated from the mouse aiming function on the original Mackintosh as it takes effort to aim and sometimes still doesn't work, the enemies or even jumping too great of a height can and will kill you instantly.

7. Transformers Convay No Nazo(Famicom) - One hit and your dead, the level design works unfairly to you but to the enemies it's mostly their advantages, with arkwardly placed enemies and hard to see projectiles, there's also the cryptic Level 9 stage where the route is also dangerous, the hit detection seems biased and it effects you easily but for enemies it's very specific.

6. Dark Souls(PS3/X360) - Finding where to go and what to do is hard, and certain places can get you killed, going on combat requires specific and perfect strategies to do good attacks and at the same time you have to dodge and block to not be damaged as much, it does take time to practice.

5. Lion King (SNES) - The first level isn't bad, but as it goes on the hit detection can really destroy you and the button inputs only work when they feel like it, it's not programmed that well and it's very specific.

4. Silver Surfer(NES) - The character you play dies in one hit, the levels are filled to the brim with shooting cannons or obstacles, some enemies move in erratic patterns and enemies can come from nowhere or behind, touching walls and certain areas kill you and there is no continues, only three lives I think.

3. Hong Kong 97(SNES) - The hit detection box is huge and it isn't programmed very well, you can only shoot one at a time and it's pretty slow, the enemies are way too quick and move in erratic patterns who also shoot quickly and there are lots of them, the space you can move it limited by the barraging swarm of enemies, and there is no continues and one life and you cannot take even one hit or else you will die, this one and God Hand are almost on par IMO, not sure yet.

2. God Hand(PS2) - It has a lot of enemies that take a lot of abuse and can damage you extremely quickly with their strong attacks, there's a lot of enemies on screen sometimes, health pickups are rare and it requires twitch fast reflexes and thumbwork, also a lot of skill.

1. Battletoads(NES) - This isn't so bad at first but when Level 2 or 3 kick in, it gets really hard, Level 2 has a tunnel section where if your rope snaps you can die in one hit, though it's usually 6 hits per life, there are only 3 continues and 5 lives, Level 3 is where most give up on because the tunnel section where you race your vehicles and the obstacles and ramps approach faster and faster, Level 5 is similar but it is more specific, Level 10 is 3 races against the enemies where obstacles can get you in trouble and the level is far too hard to go through, Level 11 requires fast reflexes to control what moves you towards the road but this is specific, then the last level has a tube which requires specific jumping of the poles and platforms which are very small. Many obstacles like the racing sections are instant kills and having two players is even worse, if either you or your friends die you or your friend loses with you. This game requires memorisation and really quick reflexes and a good strategy.
Let's see...


I'd say Megaman Zero 2.
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Quote:Let's see...


I'd say Megaman Zero 2.
Yeah I played that and it's quite hard.
Chaos Legion (PS2) and Devil May Cry series (PS2 to PS3) but their difficulty is moreover pleasurable than frustrating.
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Quote:Chaos Legion (PS2) and Devil May Cry series (PS2 to PS3) but their difficulty is moreover pleasurable than frustrating.

Battletoads and Godhand are similar too because they are great games and the difficulty makes it a nice challenge, but it's one where trying to overcome it is fun.
SkiFree. The abominable snow monster. Nuff said.

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pokemon dark rising

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Quote:pokemon dark rising
Were is that hackroom from?
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Yeah I'm probably changing Silver Surfer NES as second hardest, when beating this, I realised the treacherous journey it was, also I think Kid Kool NES should be in this list too.

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