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What is your favourite B-Daman anime and why?
Quote:It's sad that it'll never get an english release.. 

Dearest Kogami, some anime are better to be left undubbed and Crash B-Daman is one of them.

One thing I cannot stand is that the good ol' Kousuke Toriumi not being given any justice in dubs.

Hence, I had been crying an Ocean.


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Battle B-Daman <3 !!! Smile 

I would say, Cross Fight B-Daman eS, because it's got a cool plot.

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My favorite is b-daman crossfire. B-daman fireblast seems cool, but I didn't see enough episodes of it to decide how much I like it.
Sadly I've only seen the first season of Cross Fight B-Daman. Will watch eS sometime within the next year or two and then perhaps one of the older series. It's been a while since I watched an anime for kids and I'm having withdraws.

Cross Fight es I love the eCharge system
In my opinion, Crash B-Daman is the best one because it is really exciting and does contain a lot of exhilarating contents and interestingly designed characters with great personalities. It's darker than most B-Daman series but not too dark for kids (unlike Danball Senki). Both the Battle B-Daman series comes second for guilty pleasure reasons such as being so awkwardly hilarious.

I haven't watched Super B-Daman yet so I won't judge.

Quite honestly, the Cross Fight series is my least favourite and I know I'm going to get slammed for saying this but I found Cross Fight to be underwhelming and just straight out boring. I'm going to list out things I just didn't like about the two Cross Fight series.

• The audio/sound - I'm not talking about the opening themes or the endings because they were good but rather the audio during every episode. People won't know what I'm talking about but I'll explain anyway. The sound in the episodes are really really bland, the characters come off as very quiet because besides the factthey lack in personality or had bland voice acting, they just come off as really quiet and uninteresting. It's like they muted the audio and I just can't help but feel that the series is too damn quiet. They come off as silent and give me little to no desire to watch the whole series.

• The stories - They are not horribly written as such which is fine but the problem is that I'm not very entertained because there is nothing that sticks out and nothing memorable at all. I wish they could write something interesting because whilst the structuring is okay, it does like to jump from one plot to the next and the adventure just feels too bland because they don't do much except stand there. The first one is very bouncy with it's structure and whilst the second one is smoother, I find that one more bland and repetitive. Not to mention it has a very disatisfying last episode.

• The characters and their designs - A lot of characters come off as a piece of wood because of their generic and stock personality. For instance, I don't find Basara at all interesting because he is one of those typical jerk anti-heroes that you can predict will be the really overpowering character and therefore a joykill. Whilst I don't think he is a bad character, he certainly isn't as good as how people portray him. Not all "bad boy anti-heroes" are going to turn out as great characters unless you give them something interesting. Shadow the Hedgehog works as an anti-hero because he has had a tragic past of losing his freind and blames society. Basara? His "oh so epic" backstory (from what I can gather), he cannot play B-Daman with other people because he will wind up breaking them due to his strength and ends up having Drazeros who can withstand his strength... that is not epic. Just because Basara is one of those "bad boy" characters, doesn't mean you should instantly gush over him. It's fine to like Basara but he is a joke of a bad boy character. I haven't even got to the other characters. Kakeru's friends (Goichiro, Yukihide and Kaito) also come out as stiff and really feel the same when it comes to personality. The only one who I can easily recognise is Shumon who is a really cool character because he has a unique personaliy and is hilarious. The female characters aren't great. Ruri is wierd because of her bizzare outfits (although it got better in eS). Natsumi is just a useless pushover and does not contribute well in situations, at least Liena actually does something. None of the female characters in any of the B-Daman series (except Cerer) interest me because they have very bland personalities and do not own B-Daman that I can ACTUALLY BUY (No, Natsumi's Rabbit and Ruri's Steer=Swallow do not count because they are ANIME EXCLUSIVE ONLY).

I'm gonna get into the Cross Fight character designs. I've never like the art style to begin with because the character designs were so bleak. Genta has an odd colour scheme, Subaru comes off as dull a lot of the time with no special traits, Natsumi is just a very generic female anime character, Kakeru's friends don't look that creative either, look at Crash B-Daman, characters like Kyousuke has an amazing design because he looks menacing and has a creative hairstyle. Most of the Cross Fight B-Daman characters don't have very good designs but Ryoma has to be the biggest offender. Whilst his cloked identity was fine, his true identity was extremely disappointing, especially for a main antagonist. His hair style is wierd and has that swamp green colour, his shawl is ugly because it looks like what people see when taking ac- (you know what) with its hideous colour scheme and textures. The rest of his colthing is just a black shirt and some pants which is nothing special.

• It's not epic and looks too realistic - I am not saying it is realistic but it is close to being realistic because it's so boring with very unepic battles (if you have no idea what I'm talking about then please just stop reading as I'm not going clearer than that). I DON'T CARE if it's supoose to be more mature and not childish, the battles are not exagerated which is what I liked about Crash B-Daman. They aren't explosive battles because they feel minute and plain. It's like watching a real life Break Bomber battle excpet worse. The final battle is not good either. I don't like the series being more realistic than the other B-Daman series because it just proves the anime has no reason to exist (Again, in case you are too blind to read, I'm not saying Cross Fight is very realistic but itis close to being it because it lacks on anything exciting). I liked the more surreal battles from the previous B-Daman series. When Cross Fight does go surreal, it does it wrong because it is short and very minimal.

Overall, I just don't think it's that good. I know I'm being way off topic but I finally got that out of my chest.
I personally like fireblast the best. They kept the more interesting characters from crossfire, but put in new characters to keep it interesting.
UPDATE: I've decided to give the CFB series another try because I was extremely unfair to it and because I did very recently watch some eS episodes out of boredrem and I remembered enjoying them so yeah...

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