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Which B-Daman Parts System You Like The Most?
As for me, well, I'm stuck between the Zero 2, Synchro Weapon, Core Change, Emblem Charge, Over Shell, Plug-In, and PI-EX Systems. Just, vote what interests you the most.
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Three block system and Synchro weapon system
[Image: Kodoh_Kuraki.jpg]

Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
First up is the Three-Block Gear System for me. Although it's not my most favorite piece, the Evil Levioth's smooth features makes me feel so good about pulling the trigger.


Then next to that is the Core Change System. Especially if you can mix and match the colors. Looks wise, good. Performance wise, even more good.
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I like the Emblem charge system because the concept and gimmicks are so cool, it has some of my favourite B-Daman, Synchro Weapon is a close second along with Core Change System. The Cartridge System while cool is really stupid, pretty much impractical and wasting plastic tubes just to load in isn't as effective as the Drazeros B-Daman's, the Cartridge is pointless and Rapid Fire would be harder.
Zero 2 is top for me, eS second, SWS third.
I'm a core change fan,

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