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Which is the creepiest toy line out there?

Imo its those baby dolls made for girls ages 6-10 or whatever...the ones that are advertised as being like "real babies" and that even get "sick". the creepiest part is not the shape of the doll, the way the eyes move and such...but rather what they use to advertise them.

most of these babies are advertised as "getting sick and needing cures", so they come with a termometer that randomly goes up, so the "mom" is supposed to take his temp, and then inject his with some toy needle, because apparently every mom is dying to costantly inject her children, who gets sick every 5 minutes.

hell, some of them even go further by saying "IT EVEN CRIES WHEN YOU INJECT THEM!"

Honestly...what the hell are these guys thinking?

 Please help.


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