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Who's the better protagonist?
So who is the best protagonist out of all the B-daman series, Tamago‚ Yamato‚ Hitto‚ Kakeru‚Kamon‚ or Enzi(if he counts)?
You mean amongst these guys?



I don't like Cross Fight B-Daman to eS/Crossfire/Fireblast as a whole and in its entirety (that would be Crash B-Daman for me) but there are absolutely great characters thrown in there. Therefore, for me, the Best protagonist would be Kamon Godai just because he is the only one to break the stereotype of a hotblooded shounen anime protagonist as far as B-Daman goes since the inception of Bomberman. Kamon has a dark side, amnesia, superhuman strength and good heavens; a hot nemesis whose way hotter in the manga than in the anime.

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Guys, shouldn't this belong in the Anime section?

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Yes, DragoonGuy12 should have posted it there instead of Fanon Discussion.

It has been moved.
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