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Who is your favorite villain of any iteration of the anime?
As for me, I would say Marda Biarce. Not only does he look cool, but his Megadiablos kicks some serious butt, especially with the Motor DHB Core.
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
I have not watched Battle B-Daman so I can only speak for Cross Fight B-Daman.

Ryoma is definitely a force to reckon with. His supernatural powers and personality are very dark. It was quite serious when Ryoma returned Kamon's memories which turned the latter into their "dark" state.
And his personality, if I may ask?
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Of course he is dark, but also emotionless, ruthless, vile and so forth. Granted it is typical of many fictional antagonists and such, but what's unique about Ryoma is how he's the brother to protagonist, Kamon.

It may not be as serious as something a la Star Wars, but to know somebody (who is one's brother) is willing to inflict them physically and mentally speaks something.
Beadeus...is that his name? The guy who was the bartender at the beginning of Fire Spirits and then became the big bad guy of Fire Spirits? Yeah, he's probably my favourite villain in the sense that he was so unexpected.

Second clearly has to be Kamon. He was brutal in his corrupted state xD
@ Mana: I thought his name was T.P. or something.
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
No idea. I thought his villain name was Beadeus and his earlier name was something else :S
Which B-Daman did they use?
Haja used Gill Scorpion
Jinbee used Impact Shark
Feresu used Platinum Wind
Equus used Golden Thunder
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
I mean which B-Daman "Baedeus" or "T.P." owned.
IDK, probably Destroy Dragon or something.
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
I don't know his B-Daman. All I know is that he had something to do with Galdezer and forcing Akyulus to create the Ultimate Gadeaum Shot.
Baedeus used the RC Destroy Dragon and Baedeus and Ryoma are my fav villans and Ryuji Sumeragi when controlled by Dragold both Ryuji and Baedeus were unexpected and Ryuji was being controlled by a b-daman so that was really scary and Ryoma cause of how ruthless he is, even to his own family.
[Image: 7.jpg]
I could say Ryouma, but I kinda like Agents Chaos a lil bit more, there was a air of mystery surrounding her too like not knowing her real name or anything else or how she was captured. And after a certain amount of episodes of being evil, they let her go like she was nothing, I guess its the price to pay for being brainwashed. But I liked her too when she was a villain. Smile
Cain McDonnell is one of my favorites. His unreal kindness to Yamato and the gang just before he turns around and obliterates Cobalt Blade is truthfully one of the biggest WTF moments in all of B-Daman. Not to mention his disregard for respect toward his childhood friend and his ruthless want for absolute power. Personality aside, he's voiced by Steve Blum in the English dub and that's just awesome.

Although. If you'd consider Naoya a villain, which I suppose you might in the first Crossfight series... Then I think you all know my answer to who is my favorite. He still has the level of deception that Cain has, but is always plotting something and always backstabbing someone or another - whether it be the good guys or the bad.
@ IXRolloutIX: Not only that, but Cain also had emotional issues caused by his (bleep) of a father, who was very strict to him. Naoya, however, didn't have any psychological issues.
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Baedeus is scary. I can't even look at the box of my Destroyer Dragon. It's like staring at a boss from a Devil May Cry game.

Anyhow, my favorite villain is the guy who totally defined Evil Is Sexy even though he looks like a Tournament Emcee.

[Image: c957.jpg]
Kyousuke Arasaki!!

Naoya is just...the Kadaj of B-Daman. Looks-wise and VA-wise.
With that, Chihiro "Shun Kazami" Suzuki is just lacking in performance as opposed to Steve Staley.
Naoya did looked "Sexy Evil" when he was creeping up on Reiji regarding the whole talk about Hate, Spite and Pathetic Survival (or almost to that point).

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[quote name="JustAlex93F" post="2244" timestamp="1377280492"]
@ IXRolloutIX: Not only that, but Cain also had emotional issues caused by his (bleep) of a father, who was very strict to him. Naoya, however, didn't have any psychological issues.

... I think it's save to say that Naoya does have 'psychological issues'. His behaviour and way of thinking clearly show that he's a narcissist and even has tendencies to antisocial personality disorder. Naoya clearly lacks empathy (at least in the most part of the first season) and just because his issues aren't 'justified' with an oh so dramatic backstory like in Cain's case they're still there.

I've actually written some kind of 'explanation' (I tried to make it as short and comprehensible as possible but I suck at things like that especially when it's a topic I'm into haha.) on him, so if you're interested (note that I wrote this before I've seen the dub so some not that important details that don't directly concern him -and that I was too lazy to translate fully back then- may be a bit incorrect. also eS hadn't ended back then): http://novumoru.tumblr.com/post/52730826...bout-naoya

Ahem, obviously Naoya is my favourite villain. Well he's more of an 'antagonist' than a villain as he clearly opposes Kakeru's way of thinking and the whole message Kurobi is telling.
I love how they wrote such an interesting character and even gave him a chance to change without excusing any of his actions with a weird, dramatic backstory (I like to know what has caused the issues of a character but... in some cases it's just too... dramatic... I don't like that.)

I like the way villains/antagonists are handled in Cross Fight B-Daman in general (and from that bit I've seen it not too different in Battle B-Daman).
Because the characters that do 'evil' things don't just get abandoned because 'yo he's a bad person he can't be saved, too bad' as we sadly see it very often in other series (... Beyblade is a good example here ahem. I love the villains in MFB but... not giving characters like Reiji any chance at all was a bit disappointing).
Even Genta still believes in his father even though Genya didn't particularly change or anything.
There is light and darkness in every person and I love that part of the moral is to trust and believe in others but not to excuse what they've done. That is a very good and nice way to write villains. 
Every single Main Antagonist is just the same and hence, they are all no match for Kyousuke Arasaki.

The secondary Antagonists are those who will shine through.


Cain Mc Donnel

Naoya Homura

Genya Ankokuji

Sadly, B-Daman takes "demonic possession" as a kid-friendlier thing than manipulation and conspiracy.

First we have an Alba Cocodoro-like kid possessed by a Giant Eye in the Sky. First Case of Super Saiyan Hair gel abuse in B-Daman.

Second, we have Tsubasa Ootori's father possessed by some orange monster.

Third, we have some kid possessed by some dragon and becomes the second case of Super Saiyan Hair Gel abuse in B-Daman.

...and the most current, we have some bro possessed by some giraffe. Total Darth Vader moment right there.

Until the writers decide to take a new spin in this whole antagonist thing; Centuries Old Monsters will forever be no match for a sexy dynamite of only two decades old with a revolver gun.
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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
definitely Ryoma or, riuji, was it??? in malaysia its rudy.
my own custom bdaman:

legend of the fox,

one sided buster=raydra


my fav. bdaman


summon a whirlwind,




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