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Yello :P
Hey everyone. I used to play battle b-daman when I was younger and I owned a few of the models and the stadium thingy. For some reason I found myself gravitating towards the accuracy/balance/control type blasters simply because they were easier to handle and make use of as well as being generally more accurate and stable. Though that's probably due to the fact that my very first blaster was a Bakusho from the Battle B-daman line. And since battle b-daman wasn't exactly that popular and was eventually cancelled I had to drop the hobbie and move onto other cool things that I enjoy.

Anywho, my username is obviously from the right-hand man of Adam Arclight from the series "Needless". Mostly because I rather enjoy illusionist style characters.

Once I heard about Cross Fight B-Daman from RolloutReview's channel I felt that I should try to revive my interest in the series and everything. My fave B-daman in cross-fight/fire has to be Assault-Dragren. And it's nice to meet all of you. Smile
Welcome to the Forums, Uten! We're happy to have returning fans to B-Daman here and we're glad you're interested in the latest series. Have a great time here and if you need anything at all, just contact us. Smile
welcome to the forums uten!
I'm  gonna be d da bomb!
Irasshaimase ~ Welcome to the forums! Cool guy in your avatar btw.

[Image: Sparky.jpg]
Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
Welcome to the forums, Uten, we have the both and same favorite B-Daman Smile
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Hi Uten, welcome to the forums I'm WBMA

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