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Youtube Channel DrVolkein
Hello everyone my name is DrVolkein a new user on the forums, so a lot of you don't know who I am, but I came from youtube hoping to get some subscribers(and of course to discuss my favorite childhood thing b-daman)and that you guys will check me out on youtube. My channel consists of doing Let's Plays on games. If you don't know what a Let's Play is basically it's when someone records going through the story of a game using a device called a capture and commentates just some random thoughts or things. I have been doing let's plays for about 2-3 months now, but I have been lacking due to some of my recording equipment breaking so it's a bit of a bummer, but no matter I ordered some new equipment and should be getting back on my feet very soon. I know you guys on the forums probably get a lot of people who ask for you to check them out on youtube, but I would really appreciate if everyone who reads this can go to my channel and drop a like, comment, or a subscribe<---would love if you could do this one. I thank all of you for your time and cooperation for reading this and please have a nice day. THE BOSS!!!



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YouTube channels belong in the Your Creations board, where it is now.
Now I know!!! Arigato!!!
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