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Zero 2/Blaster Core System Discussion
This is where we talk about the B-Daman from the Blaster Core System (also known in Japan as the Zero 2 System). In case you don't know, the Zero 2 System (yes, I'm using the Japanese name) is the third parts system in the Battle B-Daman toyline, featuring B-Daman that come with interchangeable Cores, in addition to backwards-compatibility with Armor pieces from the original Zero System. The whole thing started when Cobalt Saber came out in Japan on August 22, 2004.
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
I really wished Hasbro would of done well enough to release Cobalt Saber and the rest of them. But after looking for so long. Getting King Bakuso is really worth it. But Revolver Hades is a bundle. =.= But its looks so cool.
Only Z2 B-Daman I had were: CR *Chrome Raven*, CRC *Chrome Raven Cyclone*, & RH *Revolver Hades*, with Revolver Hades being my FAVORITE of those three. Seriously, the back spin shot was AWESOME and its Strike Shot was AMAZING o3o.
[Image: 7.jpg]
@ Gatling Deathciel: It's cool that you have Revolver Hades. Now those B-Damans are hard to find!
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
After seeing a almost 300 dollar revolver hades, I still don't lose hope that at least one will appear one day. That will be cheap I can say and hope Smile
I really wanted to see a hasbro Cobalt Saber Fire release. After seeing it fire a drive shot (in real life, btw), I want to try it for myself.
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