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hasbro fail?
Hasbro didn't even try to make dx 7!
That's a bit different than a fail.

Bdaman did terrible in the west. And due to this fact, fireblast is only in Italy as far as I know. You have to also look at it in a corporate viewpoint. If your product is failing, your losing money. So there's no point to keep investing in a failed attempt to revive a failed franchise from the early 2000s.

While there's a lot of fans of bdaman, there's still not enough to keep its popularity with that of let's say ,beyblade or bakugan.

In my opinion, I could care less about hasbro. The crossfire products feel cheap and terrible in quality. They're so worthless I can by break bomber for $2 at my local Walmart. If you ask me, stick with takara ,takara tomy and sonokong. The original will always be better than the copy.
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When you post to complain that Hasbro (to our knowledge) is not producing DX Break Bomber 7 for B-Daman Fireblast, which sounds more fitting as a post in either the Fireblast discussion topic or the Fireblast Break Bomber topic (especially when you already did), you probably shouldn't make it into a topic.

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