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its been awhile.....
wow, its been while. I haven't been on here for like 2-3 years. a lot has changed.  a lot of my friends on here have left too. not many people are here anymore. its quite depressing. many of you probably don't remember me, I don't blame you. for those who do remember me, you probably wondering where Ive been for these years. you see ive been busy with my music, to put it short I'm in a band that takes up a good amount of my time. my spare time is taken up by video editing for my main youtube channel. you can see why I haven't been on here in awhile. my b daman knowledge has faded leaving only minor things left. I may try to relearn things, but idk. I remember loving this forum, but now it seems kinda dead (no disrespect of course, i just feel its a shadow of its former self), but yeah. I may be on here more just to see whats up. ill try to be more active

Yeah, this place is pretty much a ghost town. You'll see people wander in and out occasionally, but for the most part this place is as good as dead.
Since there is no new b-daman related things to discuss, then this forum is still a ghost town till a new series comes out at least or something.
Failure leads to Innovation as perfection leads to no innovation. That's how I manage to keep my sane under control while building homemade b-damans Tongue

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