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new b-daman mix
Just realized after I got thunder leo that if I mix him with strike avian the b-animal would be a griffon( hope I spelled that right:-)). You know the bird mixed with a lion .Anyway I'm calling this b-daman thunder griffon:-). I think its a nice name. What ya think;-)? If only the wing parts on the arms could come off. sigh. Oh well use my imagination;-).
Your idea is good. It also kind of reminds me about Blast Griffon from the Super B-Daman series.

Except Eagle has to be Blue and well, Leohjya is good to go. Smile
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It's a neat idea, Gillusion also did this animal combination thing.

And hey, a lion and eagle, I love both animals, Imagine the ES upgrade.
I personally think that Cross fight and Cross fight ES should have had more mythical creatures, then again I am a huge fan of that kind of stuff.

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