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[v3.0.0] Forum Updated
Software Changes
  • As of this update, Forum updates will function on version numbers. As this is the third incarnation of the Forum, the version numbers begin at 3.0.
  • The Forum software has been changed from InvisionPower Board to MyBB. All features in the previous software have been removed and replaced with MyBB's default features.
  • When logging in to the Forum, some users may be prompted to perform a password change for security reasons.

New Features
  • The Forum now supports the use of Tapatalk, the mobile app for viewing forum-based websites.
  • The theme design for the Forum has been given an overhaul.
  • A Support Ticket system has been added. Please ensure you report any and all Forum bugs using this system.
  • The likes system found in 2.x has been re-added to the Forum. A user's total likes across all posts can now be viewed on their user page.
  • An alerts system has been added. This system will alert you when you have been @mentioned, when a Support Ticket has been answered and when a post you have made has been replied to.
  • The ability to embed videos from most video sharing websites has been added. This includes YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Veoh, Metacafe, Vine, Google Video and many more.
  • Banner Announcements have been added. These will appear above the board/thread listings in a banner format.
  • The ability to list your country flag on your profile has been added. All countries are supported with this feature.
  • @mentions has been re-added to the Forum. This system does not currently support special characters, such as hyphens and tildes.
  • The shoutbox has been re-added to the Forum. This appears on the bottom of the index page.
  • The ability to view the edit history of a post has been added. When editing your posts, you will now be prompted to provide an edit reason.
  • A URL rewrite has been set-up to make forum URLs easier for search engines to understand, and cleaner for users to type out.
  • A Recent Posts module has been added to the Home page.
  • The ability to set a mood has been added. This can be selected from the User CP.
  • The profile page has been expanded to show more details and statistics about the user, including the number of liked posts they have, visitors to the user page, a buddy system, and profile comments.
  • Private Messages can now be directly reported to a moderator/administrator if they contain questionable/inappropriate content.
  • The ability for custom emoticons has been added. If you have an emoticon you would like to see added, send it through to ~Mana~.
  • Users can now mark themselves as "Away" and provide a duration and reason in their User CP.

Minor Changes
  • All users with a post count of 0 have been deleted from the Forum. 700~ accounts were removed.
  • The ability to use custom CSS and HTML on user pages has been removed.
  • In order to avoid massive quotation walls, the first post in a thread can no longer be quoted.
  • Users may now change their own usernames at will but can only do so once every thirty days. Previous usernames will be displayed on their User page.
  • The Manga Discussion forum now has a sub-Forum for individual chapter threads, similar to the Anime Discussion forum.
  • The security question asked when registering an account has been changed.
  • The maximum number of user accounts per IP address has been changed to two.
  • To reduce server load, searches may only be performed by each user once every thirty seconds.

Upcoming Changes
  • Re-implementation of the Awards system and Points Shop.
  • Re-implementation of the Member map.
  • Social networking integration (already implemented partially via the Tapatalk app).
  • Multiple themes.
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