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Hey guy I know haven't posted in a while anyway I thought

I would ask what is you favourite b-daman system I for one like the cartridge system I think it's the most interesting and fun. I might be getting a variable kaiser and a dhb advanced set any way better go before my mom catches me on my phone cheers and see yah soon

- B-DAMAN 4 EVER😜💤⛄️😄🍆👅😜
Three Block Gear System hands down.

Its successor, the Synchro Weapon System looks good but the Synchro part is meh.

I actually prefer the cartridge system. I feel like it could have been so much more. Even though it's super gimmicky, it's still very fun. (Second would be the Synchro weapon system)


Emblem Charge system, hands down. 

Why would this topic close? There's no reason to...
Probably because of This?

Quote:Probably because of This?

Oh, so there was a topic for this already. Why didn't you mention it then? The way you posted made it seem like there wasn't another one... If someone posts a duplicate topic, it's best not to post on it.