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Full Version: Hi i am new and i have one question for you which one is your favourite cross fight b daman
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mine is dragren

Welcome to the Forums, Burn It Away Dragren! Have a great time here and if you ever need any help, be sure to send me a private message!

One of my favorite B-Damans is Wing Sword Thunder.
Welcome and have fun.

And my favorite bdaman would have to Shade Wyvern
Welcome to the forums.

My favorite B-Daman is Chrome Levan.
What's up and welcome to the forums, my favorite B-daman is Chrome Harrier.
Welcome to the Forums, I'm a big fan of Garuburn!

welcome! my favorite is either rev=dravise or rekuso

My Fav Is Rev Dravise,tops. It's Pretty Suprising At Power And Precision And Duh, Good Rapid Fire. It's Over All Pretty Badass. I Also Love Gatling Deathshell. I'm Really Good At Rapid Fire Using Sonic Dravise Shoting About 3-4 A Second.I'm Only 12 Btw So Don't Hate. Smile

WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!! My name is Mahoutsukai130, if you wanna talk. My favorite B-Damans are Drive=Garuburn and Accel=Dracyan, for no special reason, they're just a lot of fun to play with (I recommend them to EVERYONE no matter what kind of B-Damans you like!)

Mine are: (Note: There are a lot!)-

  • Left=Starion
  • Spike=Phoenix
  • Assault=Dragren
  • Kreis=Raydra
  • Smash=Dragold
  • Round=Tigare
  • Loading=Diles
As for other series'.........Dragogale???

Partly 'cause it's owner shares the same name as me....


But like I said. Partly.


Sorry for rambling xD