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Basically, you post all the top tier part in your opinion or fact, like this

"I saw roullout's review on the magazine stabilizer, and i have to say that is a top tier part since you get a magazine that give you just the right amount of b-dama that you dont go trigger happy, it doesnt block sights on heads (dragren 1,especially) and its a stabilizer, and if you need a big magazine like cyclone, it will support that magazine and no worries about falling magazines, and its completely compatible with the modular stabilizers so yeah, top tier part in my opinion"
Spike core hands down. If u own it, u know y if not check the bdaman wiki and read why.
Oh yeah forgot about all that
Well "top tier" for B-Daman really has to be split in two the three basic types. That said, here's my personal suggestions (although most of them are pretty predictable)


Control Type:

Head - Dragren 1

Arms - Drake/Starion

Leg - Buster Leg

Core - This is a tough one. I personally favor Assault, although technically Kreis is more accurate. That said, Metal Force is well rounded and seemed to be the most favored core used at the B-Daman Asia Championships... So it's up for debate.


Power Type:

Head - Bison

Arms - Canon OR Phoenix

Leg - Leohjya 2 with the wheel parts in the back

Core - Spike OR Metal Rev (Provided the use of Phoenix arms)


Rapidfire Type:

Head - Diles (although some might argue in favor of Dravise 2)

Arms - Sasword 1

Leg - Dravise 2

Core - Sonic (Or, I suppose Metal Rev, although I knock it down a little bit for being less compatible with stabilizers. Although, I don't have Mach to compare so I don't know if it's any good...)



*Bison trigger pad (Ideal on ANY combo, honestly)

*Magazine Stablizer (although, note that it's not compatible with the Bison trigger in most cases. In that case, dash is a more than viable substitute.)

*Direct Loader/Wide Magazine hybrid


Aaaand. That's all I can really think of at the moment. I might change a few things later, but it's late and I'm really tired... *POST*

Kreis is the most accurate of the three, but also the weakest. Assault is middle of both. Metal Force sacrifices accuracy for consistent power and doesn't require a Emblem Charge to be used at full power. It's really a toss-up of preference, but I personally prefer Kreis.


Metal Rev for power? Do you mean Metal Accele? And Rising should probably go in there somewhere, provided you don't use the Canon Arms with it (it simply doesn't work).


Rapid-Fire Head is definitely debatable between Diles and Dravise 2. Dravise 2 works well with the B-Dama Leg and provides slight mode change to slightly stabilise the B-Daman.

Dash stabilizer for its ability to change its form for the bshots need. And ease of readjusting for different positionings
I personally wouldn't put the Dash Stabiliser on a Top Tier list. It doesn't really have strong enough qualities in my opinion.

No. I did mean Metal Rev. Again, only provided you're using the Phoenix arms which rest on the hold parts allowing surprising, smooth, and consistent power. The Canon arm or otherwise doesn't quite work in this combo because too much pressure could cause the Rev core to jam. Phoenix hits that perfect sweet spot. Personally? I think Rising is trash. Accele and Metal Accele are far better.


My ideal power combo is Bison head, Phoenix arms, Leojah 2 leg, Metal Rev core, and Bison trigger. Keeps things simple, and let's face it, a power type should NEVER be too overly complex. That is my problem entirely with Rising=Dracyan.


The Dash Stabilizer is actually a decent attachment WITHOUT the adjustable extension pieces. I personally feel they drag the part down and, more often than not, get in the way (with the exception of the Buster Assault=Dragren combo I made a while back that used them as an integral piece.) If compatible, the Magazine Stabilizer is the better option, but in plenty of combos, sticking with Dash in its simplest form is the way to go.

I personally use:

Rapid fire

Head: Diles

Core: metal rev

Arm: diles

Leg: dravice 2 ( with bdama inserted)

Magazine: hades abyss combo: X scope magazine X3 straight magazine x1 twin magazine X2 wide magazine. Also use magazine stabilizer with dash stabilizer extentions. ) JUST KEEP STACKING!


Head: any ( although I personally prefer diles due to less interference holding)

Core: metal smash

Arms: tune up gear grip arms

Leg: buster leg

(Note: add a magazine stabilizer instead of power block and add dracyen drive strip

You won't be disappointed! )


Head : dragren 2

Core: metal force

arms: raydra (sniper mode )

Legs: buster leg

(Note: once again use magazine stabilizer

but use the original blue magazine extensions. Also to counter the extra power from the metal force core use either a grip or straight barrel. )

I don't own a Straight Magazine of my own, but how exactly did you manage to fit the Scope, Twin, and THREE straight magazines together? How does that work? If possible, I'd love to see a picture of that monstrosity... Although I can assume it's pretty unwieldy and not quite "Top Tier" material because of that.

Quote:I don't own a Straight Magazine of my own, but how exactly did you manage to fit the Scope, Twin, and THREE straight magazines together? How does that work? If possible, I'd love to see a picture of that monstrosity... Although I can assume it's pretty unwieldy and not quite "Top Tier" material because of that.

since the scope magazine can be outfitted with a wide magazine nozzle , the same is possible with a twin or straight magazine the combo is as follows:

scope magazine add 1 straight magazine then add the twin magazine , attach 1 straight magazine to each side of the twin the to top it off add the two wide magazine nozzles atop the straight mazazines.

(note:  i will upload mine when my computer is working again.)
That's a lot of mag space. Wuts the bdama count when fully loaded?
*Facepalm*... I HAVE the Twin Magazine and I forgot it could split in to two. I must've been tired again. I should really stop lurking the forums at 2 am.

I can't begin to imagine the unbalanced weight distribution on that combo. You let go, everything goes disastrously wrong.
Seriously even if u sneeze and twitch it'll go on u. You would need the magazine stabilizer with dash stabilizer pad connected and finished of with the legs of the regular stabilizer
I dont even think that monstrosity of a mag could attach to a head tightly without a mag stabilizer

Unrelated Note: finally! A forum without a single dude "typieng liek dis"
for the total payload of marbles around 45ish.

on the note of stability....... iffy... I mostly use it for " Time attack" scenarios. my current record for CB-20 is 55  marbles in 60 seconds.

and for the record ixrolloutix your not alone  I've been on here at 3:45AM before!

in the case of competitive mags I for breakbomber 7 DX  use a scope w/ a straight mag attached simple no clogging rapid fire.

I highly recommend this combo to anybody that wants to set a personal record on CB-20.

Holy crud thats pretty much a bdama per second.
That's why I prefer to use the diles head and arms because they add a unique 1 handed grip so I can push the trigger with one hand and switch the twin magazine With

The other.
I see. But caution has to be tooken. Cause your hand has to b perfectly still. Any twitch like I said before could cause it to dump
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