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Full Version: Thunder Bearga Review? Why bother?... Why not?
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Thunder Bearga: the weakest B-Daman is the entire Cross Fight line and in the running for weakest B-Daman in history and ironically enough Bearga is a power-type B-Daman.

Seemingly useless, but Bearga does have some value. It is his armour. His armour allows for excellent grip (depending on your style and hand size) mainly because of his huge arms.

In the end, unless you think his armour maybe suitable to your grip preferences, Bearga is not really worth getting. One of the biggest reasons that I got him is that he reminds me of Helio Breaker from Battle B-Daman. None the less, in short, not really worth getting, unless you plan to cheat with his core.
Well he looks collectible that's for sure. Got two Torque=Beargas and customized one into Roll=Bearga.
Good review TheFourShadow nicely said

- J