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Full Version: If you had your very own personalized B-Daman what would it be?
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If you guys could you own B-Daman styled after your likes, dislikes and personality what would it be?

I would have a panda B-Daman of some sort.
Is this even the right place for this certain topic?
I already informed him of it and requested Manaphy to move it to General Discussion.

EDIT: Now it is in Fanon Discussion.
It would be a Power with a Drive Strip, a Rapid fire and Control. Tongue
It would have a dracyan drive strip
Sonic dravise feet
A scope head
Grip arms
And a chameleon design  ;D
I would have a Camouflaged Spike=Phoenix. Nuff' Said.
A Bomberman-looking B-Daman for the Emblem Charge System with a Bomber Core. Bomber=Man! Tongue
[Image: mes0.jpg]
Has a long ore with an extra grippy drive strip and very solid hold parts that provide very good power and control. The trigger has a ring like from Scorpio and a trigger thing like smash drag old so that you can either push down or put your thumb in the ring for rapid fire. The axe and the fist are indented so that you can comfortably place your index and middle finger on them. In case you can't tell, the head part in case you can't tell is the collar of a button up shirt with the neck sticking up. I guess this would be a good Halloween release? XD
Scratch my former idea. I'll go with this guy. ^_^

Pictures and drawings later.
I did draw it but I don't know how to put here pictures so...
Anyway, my B-Daman would be:

B-Animal: Purple dragon.
Head Part: Three horns creating a sight. Purple. Black visor, reminds a little the face of the White Wizard from Kamen Rider Wizard.
Arm Parts: Has a motorcycle grip (with black rubber [just to make it cooler). Thin hands with fists and big diamonds at the edge.
Leg Part: Dragon leg. One of the claws is raised up and under it there is a wheel.
Core - Motor: Hold Parts- Curved and jagged. Drive Strip- not an actual a drive strip. It has rollers with black rubber. I don't really know what effect it would have, it just sounds like a cool gimmick.
Color: Translucent Purple.
Special Move: Amethyst Ride!
I would have a Knight looking version of Dragold with all the mode changes.
It would definitely be based on Anubis. Interest in Egyptian mythology is a bit of a thing that runs in my family, and Anubis has always been my favorite of the gods.


Power type with a good drive strip, and the arm parts would have a nice rounded section to rest fingers on to improve aim.


Color-wise it would probably be a slick black with metallic gold trim.


I was actually thinking of picking up a Gunlock=Wolg to modify it into one, but since modifying and repainting toys isn't something I do very often (most I do is remove the air restrictors on a few Nerf blasters every now and then) I figured I'd probably just mess it up beyond repair, hah... Not that the idea is completely out of the question, though. 


B-Animal: Kirin

Head Part: Gillusion 2 - Essentially a black re-color of the Starion/Drake Head with both Eye Parts. Features a Head Armor in the form of a three-pointed crown resembling a trident. Also compatible with the original Triple=Gillusion Head Armor.

Arm Parts: Gillusion Arms 2 - An enhanced version of the Starion/Drake Arms with spring-supported Emblems Parts, along with the Large Grips, which are now redesigned for better more comfortable holding.

Emblem Parts: Gillusion Emblem 2 - Spring-supported versions of the Starion and Drake Emblems, colored in gold.

Stud Parts: Dual-toned Red/Blue

Core Part: Trident - A single-barreled Core Part with an elongated trigger for firing triple shots. Also features Burst Selector wings for choosing how many marbles to fire off at a time with a push of the trigger, up to three. Has six, spear-tipped Hold Parts in a formation like a pair of clutching claws. Uses the same type of body shell as the Stream Core, but modified to accommodate the Trident Core features.

Main Shot: Kirin Overdrive (move name credit to EdBoy3)

eCharge Shot: Shooting Triad Buster (again, move name credit to EdBoy3)
Cannon Spike=Garuburn with a Leg Part Version-Up 


that is all

Mine would be a precision-type b-daman. It would be a spider b-daman, and the arm parts would be long enough to reach the ground for extra support, similar to how the foot parts on strike cobra work.