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Full Version: Exclusive: Get $3 off any B-Daman product
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Yep, just a small tiny incentive here;

Visit here and print off a $3 off coupon to redeem off of any B-Daman product.

Terms and conditions should be on the coupon once you've printed it. I do regret to inform you all that you'll need to install Coupon Printer to print them off, but it's a small unnoticeable download.

This offer is only valid for residents of the United States, and cannot be redeemed in any other country. Enjoy your offer, guys!
Sweet!!! I can get a Lightning Dravise with another Tornado Magazine for the price of a regular B-Daman??? EPIC
Cool, this is useful for any B-daman product huh? I'll try to buy some b-daman with this Big Grin.
awesome Im gonna share this around
Sadly, I live in Canada, you guys are lucky. :/
I need one if ever I'd decide to purchase a Break Bomber set which costs 2200 PHP. That would at least knock down the price to a close 2k.

Then again...no discount coupon applies in the PH. Lucky guys.
This coupon has now expired. Stay tuned in the future, as more may appear in time!