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B-daman systems - B-DAMAN 4 EVER - Monday December 1st, 2014

Hey guy I know haven't posted in a while anyway I thought

I would ask what is you favourite b-daman system I for one like the cartridge system I think it's the most interesting and fun. I might be getting a variable kaiser and a dhb advanced set any way better go before my mom catches me on my phone cheers and see yah soon

- B-DAMAN 4 EVER😜💤⛄️😄🍆👅😜

B-daman systems - Ryukou - Monday December 1st, 2014

Three Block Gear System hands down.

Its successor, the Synchro Weapon System looks good but the Synchro part is meh.

B-daman systems - b-dablader95 - Monday December 1st, 2014

I actually prefer the cartridge system. I feel like it could have been so much more. Even though it's super gimmicky, it's still very fun. (Second would be the Synchro weapon system)

B-daman systems - Youkame - Monday December 1st, 2014



Emblem Charge system, hands down. 

B-daman systems - _____ - Monday December 1st, 2014

Why would this topic close? There's no reason to...

B-daman systems - Ryukou - Monday December 1st, 2014

Probably because of This?

B-daman systems - _____ - Monday December 1st, 2014

Quote:Probably because of This?

Oh, so there was a topic for this already. Why didn't you mention it then? The way you posted made it seem like there wasn't another one... If someone posts a duplicate topic, it's best not to post on it.